Bugaboo.studio displays the contact between the space (Space) and the character. It is a design studio.


BUGABOO.STUDIO creates a wide range of content, including new genres of interior, products, and video, to associate with its own content and characters.


We're creating an art that combines patterns with characters, 3D, and different media. 2017 reddot award 'best of the best' is also included.


Collaborations with traditional Kraft and collaboration with businesses give consumers a different experience.


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Story of the fantastic flower garden in the west of Jeju Island,

#Costatic #Brand #Jeju


Bugaboo Space Studio is a bugaboo.studio with a Korean vassal motif that reinterprets the traditional area in a contemporary way and integrates elements of culture and space with various approaches through media such as graphics, animation, motion graphics and product design, Expand.

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Creative partnership with Studio.bugaboo!

Bugaboo Studios shared a variety of partnerships with partners in various fields. Work with interesting projects. At the same time, they produce their own content with the stories of the Bugaboo.

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We are making our own content.Bugaboo create new stories.

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